desperate to hear…

Today, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit, hosted at my new home church ( in Lethbridge, Alberta. My focus was split after ramping up to hosting the event, feeling like I actually still had my regular work week to finish. But I worked hard to listen as best as my focus would let me.

I wish I could place who said it and when, but God continues to place this on my heart…. “are you desperate to hear me?” Whoever said it today, reminded me yet again the question I have been asking myself for the last year, “Am I hearing God? What posture do I need to be in to hear from God?”

All too often, well meaning people cast doubt on God because they’re never heard from Him or seen Him in action. There has been “nothing” in their life that they wish to attribute to God in any way shape or form. They don’t trust Him to answer prayers or respond in any recognizable way. They would just assume God doesn’t exist, or if He does, He’s leaning back on a lazy boy, using a cloud as a footrest, watching the world pass by with apathy.

To those, I say, what’s it going to take to give some of the credit to God, who formed the universe and sustains you each day. Personally, I’m a big believer in God as Sustainer, because I don’t think any collaborative group of people can do enough to keep this world spinning. And I’m absolutely positive this world isn’t some happy mistake of perfectly balanced gravity in accordance with all the other objects in the galaxy. So maybe, are you desperate enough to recognize God yet?

For others, God exists but couldn’t be more silent. They are positive He is somewhere “out there”. But He doesn’t seem to respond to prayers or move in any sort of visible way, on a day to day basis. I’ve been in this camp. “Come on, God. Just give me a sign.” (I love Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty for this reason.) He will, don’t worry. Remember, His timing is perfect. Our demand of “answer me right now” is a partial result of the instant gratification culture we live in; instant messaging/texting, snapchat, periscope, twitter, etc.

But lately, I’ve been reflecting on my ability to posture myself to hear God. It has less to do with Him and more to do with me. Am I in a place to hear Him at all? Maybe even a little bit? Every since I dove deep into Psalm 63 in August, I’ve been seeking after having a heart like David’s. “O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water.” (Psalm 63:1) God, I am seeking You. I am desperate to hear You. Know You. I don’t know that I can get more desperate.

What’s your posture towards God? What’s your posture for hearing from God? If He showed Himself, would you be ready? Or are you already getting little glimpses? I’m pretty sure I am, but I also desperately desire to pull back the curtain, or spread my fingers open a little wider as they cover my eyes, to get a greater glimpse.

Recently, I had this paraphrase shared with me: “Be thankful God lets you see only a few things that He is doing in your life, rather than the 10,000 things.”

~ As always, this is just a place for my ramblings so the proceedings voices in my head can ease. It’s relaxing for me. And if you know me well, I’m always open for dialogue, rarely open for unconstructive ‘shots fired over the bow’. Comments are open below.

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